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Preferred Partners Program

Validity has a small number of close relationships with elite law firms called “preferred partners”. Our preferred partners are larger firms, mid-sized firms and trial boutiques. Our partners mirror the entrepreneurial spirit of their clients: they think creatively about business and accept risk to obtain rewards. They are the future of law firms.

Validity partners offer clients unique advantages such as:

  • contingency fee arrangements
  • reduced funding rates
  • working capital from Validity
  • state-of-the art advice on legal finance and its application

Validity provides a hands-on education in legal finance. Preferred partner firms benefit from:

  • help with marketing
  • risk-sharing and strategic growths
  • a means to boost firm profitability and litigation realization rates

We invite you to explore a preferred partnership with Validity.

Ralph Sutton, Litigation Finance Pioneer, Validity Finance FounderRalph J. Sutton
Founder & CEO
New York
David J. Kerstein
Chief Risk Officer
New York
Julia Gewolb
Director of Underwriting
New York / Denver
Laina Hammond, Investment Manager HeadshotLaina Hammond
Investment Manager
William C. Marra
Investment Manager
New York
Eli Schulman
Investment Advisor
Tel Aviv
Wendie Childress
Portfolio Counsel
Ronit Cohen
Portfolio Counsel
New York
Joshua J. Libling
Portfolio Counsel
New York
Sarah E. Williams
Portfolio Counsel
Jason Listhaus
Corporate Counsel
New York
Kate Boyd
Chief Operating Officer
New York
Jordan Aily, Small headshotJordan Aily
Director of Finance and Operations
New York, NY